How to Make More Passive Income in 2021 – Step #1

In this guide I can and will list out all of many passive income ideas I have for 2021 along with the current ways I’m personally making passive income, including this blog! But, before you go down that road, I believe it’s critically important to think about a few questions first!

First, why do you want to make passive income? This is so important because it should be and will increasingly become your motivation which will fuel your desire for and hard work towards making passive income! I’m not sure if I’m the first to share this hard truth, but making passive income isn’t very passive at first! haha. It takes A LOT of hard work from my experience, but then comes the ultimate reward, which is freedom of time! Sure, extra money helps too and is fun, but really I thin most people want passive income to just have more freedom to use their time how they please. Is that true in your case? Why do you want it? What can you write down on a piece of paper right now that will continue to light you rear end on fire every time you slow down and need a boost?

Second, think about your passions and sets of knowledge already in your brain. Where do they cross and become synergistic? Making more passive income is a journey, a marathon of sorts. If you’re going to set off on a long, hard journey you probably wan to enjoy the car you’re riding in right? Well, from my experience, its way better to stick to topics you know and enjoy. One of my favorite topics happens to be none other than passive income, hence this post. I could talk your head off about it for hours and not even realize it. I sleep, eat, and breathe passive income ideas. I absolutely love the topic and all surrounding topics. So that gives me a HUGE advantage and head start compared to someone who is simply just writing about this topic in an attempt to make money. Don’t you think Google can tell the difference? Don’t you think your readers will see through it?

So sit down and write out two different columns on a. sheet of paper.

  1. What do you know about that other may find valuable?
  2. What are your passions? What do you find yourself reading about and talking about all the time
  3. Are there any matching items that appear in both columns?

So yes I know this is a little cliche and not exactly groundbreaking knowledge, BUT believe me when I say based on my 20 years of experience pursuing passive income ideas, almost all of my winners (and 100% of the ones I’ve enjoyed) can be traced back to my passions and knowledge and my motivation pushes me through each step of the marathon!!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below and I’m happy to answer your questions if I’m able! Don’t be shy, leave a comment below!